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EVB3 only plays 2 octaves


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In both Logic and Mainstage my EVB3 is only getting sound output from the bottom two octaves. I've checked that the midi channel is set to '1' and it is. All other sound plugins are giving sound output from the full range of my midi keyboard. Last, when I press the keyboard keys in the upper octaves of the keyboard, the EVB3 display shows that the keys are being displayed... but no sound.



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I've managed to solve the problem myself, so thought I'd post the solution for others who might have the same problem.


For Logic - the EVB3 has a tendency to sometimes change the midi channel back to "All" (I don't know what causes this reset). Changing it to channel 1, 2 or 3 ought to solve the problem.


In Mainstage, I had to set the EVB3 midi channel to 2 or 3 (channel 1 only gave me the lower 2 octaves). Finding where to change the midi channel is a little tricky in mainstage. Do this:


Call up the EVB3 display (double click the EVB3 in the channel strip).

At the top left there should be a tab that says 'window' or something like that (I'm doing this from memory). Click it.

Next, click the 'control' tab.

A window will pop up with A LOT of settings. The midi channel setting is near the bottom of the right hand column. Change it to 2 or 3 (testing to see what works).


That ought to solve your problem.

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