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General questions about the Logic NODE


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Hi all,


The following question is one you guess would be somewhere floating around, but I can't seem to find a simple and effective answer.


I have a situation and as simple yes or no would be great :D


I've got a Macbook Air and a (8Gig) Mac Mini.

I would like to attach my recording devices (http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/FCA1616.aspx) to my Mac Mini. Next I would like to use my Macbook AIR to control the Mac Mini*.

I assume I would need to use Logic Node, now the question is... is this possible?


* - so this means the audio is saved and procecced on the Mini


Additional questions:

- should the Mac Mini only have Logic Node installed or also Logic?

- if the answer is: "no" what would be a good alternative?


Thanks guys! (and girls)

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Logic node is intended for using two computers together to gain extra processing power. Unfortunately, in my experience, it never really worked very well (and has a number of limitations). With modern computers it is probably better to just use a fast mac.


In your case it sounds like node isn't what you need anyway. If you just want to remote control the mac mini I would use remote desktop, which is built into osx.

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Thanks for your answer!


I think, if I would setup the Mac Mini to sent out WIFI signal and connect the Air to the Mini, this would have the least latency...?


Do you know if I can also sent MIDI signal via Remote Desktop? (like they do on http://try-sound.com/)

So I can attach my controler to the AIR (also a MIDI keyboard). Would latency be a lot...?



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Just some notes about Node


Node requires an Ethernet connection.


On the slave computer you can install plugins that are Node compatible along with a copy of the Node program that came with your version of Logic. It must be the exact same version as the version of Logic running on your Master computer. The plugins must also be identical versions of the plugins used on the Master computer.


Not all plugins work across Node. Most of Logic's own Plugins work fine but don't expect wonders from such a setup. I have used Node on several occasions and found it to work to a limited degree... Sometimes better than others depending on the project's needs and the specific plugins used across the network.


A much better solution, though a more expensive one, is to use Vienna Ensemble Pro (VE Pro or VEP.. or VEP5 as it is known)


There are several threads here regarding VEP. here is one of them. that I wrote....




For more info on VEP go to;




I hope this helps...

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Thanks, this def looks good.


But I also think about the version with the remote desktop.


One last question.

A Mac Mini 2.4Ghz, with 12GigRam. Would this one be able to process 12 tracks 96khz 24bit (recording)


Depends on the speed of the HD more than anything else... and what plugins you might use... on each Audio track..


But yes, you should be able to easily do that

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By Flash HD I think you means a Solid State Hard Drive yes?


If so, I'm not yet sold on SSDs to store Audio data simply because of the cost/size ratio compared to a good fast FW800 7200RPM HD... which would usually do a very good job too... However, that's not to say you shouldn't go the SSD route as they are fast drives too. Just my personal preference based on cost/size alone.


4 Gb of Ram is close to the edge of course because in reality you only have about 1.5GB of free Ram to play with after the OS and Logic have taken up their own memory needs... I use a minimum of 8GB of Ram on two of my systems and 16GB... and now 32GB since I upgraded earlier this week..... of Ram on my main Audio workhorse computer...

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