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Working with Multi-timbral Tracks/ adding new tracks


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Hi guys


Still releatively new to logic and used to cubase in this regard


Could someone please tell me how to add new tracks to existing multi-timbral instruments.

Lets say i open up a multitimbral track with 4 tracks for my brass section - then I realise I want to add a french horn solo so i add that into kontakt.

now how would i go about adding a new track to this instance of kontakt?


I tried adding a new track and right click assigning it to the "inst 1" where contact is, but it seems to mirror one of the other tracks in that if i change its midi channel to 5 , one of the other 4 tracks also changes its midi channel - as if it was a duplicate of that track

am i making sense?


Also is there a way in which i can rename the multitimbral track to "strings" and when i add they are cascaded as strings 1, strings 2 etc.?


look forward to your help and getting my score on with logic pro :D

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