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MIDI instrument change stops playback


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Hi there - I'm new, and I' desperate for an answer. I've downloaded a MIDI file that I need to do some work on. Essentially, I need to change the instruments from the standard garageband EXS24 patches to some of my nicer sounding EWQL and NI instruments and patches, but every time I do this it refuses to play back the MIDI notes.


The the notes are still there if I open up the piano roll, and if I click on the piano at the side of the roll it does trigger the samples, but if I press play it does not.


Things I've tried:


1) Opening event editor and deleting any non-note data.

2) Copying the MIDI data into a new channel


If you know how to fix this, or if there's a simple workaround, I'd be SO grateful. Thank you in advance!

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Check that the instruments you are using are set to respond to the same MIDI channel used by the notes in your regions. To verifiy what MIDI channels are being used, select a region and press the E key on your computer keyboard to open the Event list. You'll see the MIDI channel in the "Ch" column.



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