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Waveburner not responding...

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I went to Waveburner to burn a mix and a window comes up that says, "Couldn't resolve the reference to the audio file kyle.aif" "Please choose a replacement file from the list below..." Kyle is the name of the file.


Of note the last thing I did in WB was burn a CD of Kyle's song, "kyle.aif"...


Listed below is something that says "volumes/data/2TB logic/bleeding/bounces" which I assume to be the clients file. 2TB is the name of the hard disk in my IMAC that holds the Logic projects.


It is prompting me to choose SKIP , CANCEL and when I click on any of the choices it brings me back to the same window listed above in my 1st paragraph.


At this point I cannot quit Waveburner because it is greyed out. I cannot close file - nothing happens when I try, I cannot begin to open a new file.


So I am forced to "FORCE QUIT" Waveburner by hitting option-command-escape on my IMAC. I use Logic 9.1.6...


In short I cannot open a new WB file no matter what I do. Is something corrupted? Can I trash any WB preferences to fix this? Should I get rid of that client's files completely?


Any ideas how to restore WB to it's original condition? Thanks...

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