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Separating 'voices' in ultrabeat?

Dirty Mike

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I've been trying to use ultrabeat to compile my drum loops but I feel like using a different pattern in the arrangement window doesn't give you complete control when looking at a track in the "bigger picture."


Basically, I want a sperate track in logic for all the elements (kick, snare, etc) with the same ultrabeat unit. I would also to be able to isolate the individual 'voices' of my ultrabeat kit.


For example:

I would like to put a kick, snare, and high hat sample into an ultrabeat kit. I would then like to trigger each of these in their own track within the arrangement window by using the piano roll as a sequencer. I want to isolate these elements so that I can mute one of the three but not the other two, instead of when I mute one they all get muted as well.


Also, I want to know how to change the pitch of an ultrabeat voice, for like snare builds and such.


I've tried the ESX24 sampler and I liked how each instrument got its own track automatically, but I really like all the the features of UB that allow you to tweak your sounds. Can someone help me find a middle ground between the two??



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Select your MIDI region containing your drum programming, and choose MIDI > Separate MIDI Events > By Note Pitch. Logic will create new tracks for you, separating the kick, the hi-hat, the snare etc... since each one of those is using its own individual pitch. You can then mute individual regions by selecting a region and pressing M (or clicking it with the mute tool).
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