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recording crackle / noise


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New to logic pro 9. My setup:


POD HD Desktop / USB interface to iMAC quad core 16 gig mem / Logic Pro 9


When I record I get crackles / noise..here is an example




Increased buffer size but still have the problem. Tried removing FX's in the patch and use just the AMP...same thing..used other patches same problem..


And guidance would be greatly appreciated



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Hello deparko and welcome to Logic Pro Help!


Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)




What version of OSX are you using? It sounds like it could be a driver-related problem...interestingly, there's an updated POD driver at Line 6's website and there's a release note that says:


"Fixes distorted audio playback on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion."


I'd start by updating the POD's driver to see if it fixes the problem.



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2 things to check...


1) Make sure you are using the correct Output Mode,


For example:press and hold the "VIEW" button to enter the system setup

use the arrows to go to page 4/10 "OUTPUTS"

Then set it to "STUDIO / DIRECT" or whatever is appropriate for your setup..


2) ... probably more importantly... if you just flashed the latest firmware update, make sure you do a factory reset... other wise the new firmware update does not 'take' correctly...

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