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Logic Not Seeing Kontakt, Battery or Massive [SOLVED]


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Hi, all. Long time Pro Tools mixer here looking forward to diving into Logic for the sound design capabilities...IN 64bit! Whoo-hoo! Anyway, I have Kontakt 5.03, Battery 3.2.3 and Massive 1.3.1 installed and they're not recognized in 32b or 64b run modes in Logic 9.1.8. All other programs in Komplete 8 are seen (e.g., Guitar Rig 5, Reaktor 5, etc.) I had Komplete 8 installed and running in Pro Tools (RTAS) without a problem. Everything is up-to-date and I've taken the measures of running both in standalone before launching Logic as well as opening Logic in both bit modes to see if Logic will recognize them. I just downloaded Logic this last week from the App Store and, like I said, had the NI software installed and running prior to Logic. Any insight on how I can get Logic to see these buggers? I'm about to upgrade to Mountain Lion but here's my setup


OS 10.7.5

2 x 2.66 GHz 6 Core Intel Xeon

24 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Logic 9.1.8

Kontakt 5.0.3

Massive 1.3.1

Guitar Rig 5.1.1

FM 8 1.2.1

Battery 3.2.3

Absynth 5.1.1

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Keep in mind that Logic uses the Audio Units plug-in format, make sure these are installed in Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components (you can also check from within Logic by opening the Audio Units Manager: Logic Pro menu > Preferences > Audio Units Manager...).


Also, these are instruments, not insert effects, so you should load them from the instrument slot of a software instrument channel strip (right below where it says "I/O"):





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Looks like there's a Pro Tools residue on my thinking that I'll be dealing with in these early adventures. It was simply that I was treating instrument as an insert as I would in Pro Tools and didn't even see the instrument slot. Thanks, Jordito.
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