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can you create shortcut for changing 'snap' mode? [SOLVED]


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i seem to change the 'snap' mode from 'smart' to 'samples' about two or three hundred times a day.

I do hope there is a keyboard shortcut method i can find out to do this!

This would be so much better than continually moving the cursor to a dropdown box and menu in the top right area of my screen hundreds of times a day ! : )


Changing the snap mode very frequently seems essential when changing between two different types of task, both of which have to be done constantly, in no predictable order, and consequently require the mode to be changed constantly


I would roughly categorise these two types of task as

1. (snap 'smart' mode) - creating accurately sized loops in specific time areas, and moving big chunks of music around

2. (snap 'samples' mode) - a lot of the precise changes you have to make to various regions' sizes or positions


Obviously you can't do one type of job in the morning, and the other in the afternoon : ) - these tasks just present themselves in random order throughout my day -for example, creating loops in different places generally then leads to accurate region editing within the loop.


I'm sure i'm not the only person who finds this is the way editing happens - but, in spite of working for many hours a day, i've only been on logic a few months, and haven't found the trick in the manual yet, so if someone can tell me the obvious shortcut or method that would help here, i'd certainly be very grateful.


with regards

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I do hope there is a keyboard shortcut method i can find out to do this!


Yes, simply open the key commands window (Option+K) and type "snap" in the search field at the top right. You'll see the current key commands used for those and you can also change them to whatever key combination you like.



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yes, i'm sure you've sent me to the right place to work this out,


when i press option + k , i get the key assign window (i've attached an image of the dialogue box, which seems like the right one) , which tells me that the shortcut for 'snap, frames' is ^+ shift+ F, and that ^ + shift + S for 'snap, smart' mode.

but when i press these combination when i'm on the arrange window, it doesn't change the snap mode, but a series of strange things happen, such as i get a message telling me that i have not selected a region, and asking me if i want to open a sound file ???? Or a message asking me if i want to open 'soundtrack pro', which seems the wrong response.


anyone else get this?


apologies to everyone if i'm being thick here..... : )


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