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automation not working when bouncing


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Hi everyone


I hope somebody can help me with this problem as I've tried a few solutions but they haven't worked.


I've recorded a guitar part in logic pro 9 and automated the wah pedal from the pedal board. This works great when I play it back in the arrange window but when i bounce it, it isn't following any of the automation points that i wrote though i can hear the wah effect is on.


Here is what I do to create it and then bounce it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong:


Record guitar part

Add a wah pedal from the pedalboard

Change it to Latch or Touch

Play it back and use the mouse automate the way effect


When I'm satisfied and come to bounce it: I select Bounce, choose Realtime bounce and have tried mp3 and pcm.


When it plays through in the realtime bounce I can instantly here that the automation isn't working. Ive also tried offline bounce and can here that it isn't working also.


I appreciate any help with this.



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Go into Preferences > Audio > General and set Sample Accurate Automation to Volume, Pan, Sends, Plug-In Parameters.



hi, thanks for the reply.


that option is already selected. i've also tried bouncing in place but the same thing happens as in the effects is on but not automated.


i'm really really stumped with this :|

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Argh: unfortunately I do not own PodFarm so I was not able to check your project automation behavior upon bouncing. :(


Well if you cannot figure this out then one workaround, since the effect behaves fine upon normal playback, would be to set the outputs of all your tracks to an unused bus instead of "Stereo Out". You then create a stereo audio track with its input set to that same bus, and record the whole mix in real time on that new track.

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It's not just pod farm that does it. It's also with logics pedalboard. You could change pod farm to a wah from the pedalboard and it is still the same. I changed to pod farm from pedalboard because I didn't like using the up and down motion when controlling the wah.


I'll give your workaround a try for sure, unless the bouncing starts to work.


Thanks for your help :D

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Just tried replacing the PodFarm with the Pedalboard and a Wah, then used latch to record some automation by moving the Wah, and bounced the project in real time, it worked as expected here...



Was the process the same as what I wrote earlier?? Now that's really annoying haha.


No worries. Thanks a lot for your help though, much appreciated :D

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something really strange has happened. i pressed bounce that is on the output strip that is on the left of the screen in the inspector bar and it worked! it doesnt work when i bounce from the mixer though? arent these the same things??


i tried it with the pod farm and it doesnt work from the inspector bar. seems only the pedalboard from logic works. very strange.

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