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saving groove templates


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is it the same thing as with the transformer presets? I have to make a template project with all the added grooves in it and i could only access those if i start working from that project? Isnt there a global save function for groove templates so when i open a different project, i could access my added groove templates?
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The regions that are used for any Groove Templates must exist within the current project, so you should pack them into a folder and add them to your template, or have them handy and use Selective Track Import to add them. You will need to re-make the groove templates within the template for all to work as you'd like.


All should be revealed here:




For example:


"Important: The source audio or MIDI region used for a groove template must remain in your project if you want to use the groove template. If you delete the source region from the project, the groove template name is not removed from the Quantize pop-up menu, but you cannot use this quantization value. If you choose the groove template name from the Quantize pop-up menu, nothing will happen."





"Using Groove Templates Across Projects

You can create and retain a number of quantization templates for use in several projects.


To use a groove template in several projects

Copy or create your source regions in one project.


Name these regions with the Text tool.


Open the Quantize pop-up menu, and choose Make Groove Template for each source region (or use the corresponding key command).


Pack all of these regions into a folder (and rename the folder to Grooves, for example).


Choose File > Save As Template.


Use this template as your project starting point whenever you wish to access these quantization templates."





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CCT thank you... this is very valuable info....


i am going to follow the instructions and create bunch of groove templates when i get free time.... i wish i didn't have to do it one by one.... it would be awesome to select a bunch of regions and create groove templates for them all at once

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Note that you can have different kinds of grooves in different folders inside your main Groove folder. That way, you can select the folder, Make Groove Template and everything in the folder gets added to the list at once. Also, having a folder with just a handful of regions in it is handy if you don't want to have to scroll so much in the Q menu to get to the grooves you need. I actually have a "no fat" folder of MPC grooves where I ditched half of them because I never used them. But I still keep a folder with the whole set.
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camillo jr thank you very much... i really wanted to be able to convert regions all at once and now i know a simple way of doing that.....i did just now tried to make a folder from just one track containing bunch of midi regions and it worked.... this is so cool... :)
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