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Just display MIDI loops (not MIDI and Audio) in browser?


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Kind of...


You can bring up the browser and then click on the Midi/Audio Loop Sort button..


This will sort the list by Audio and Midi types... You may have to click it twice to see Midi loops at the top of the list






To easily see all your loops in every category.. Make sure your Browser is setup as shown in this next screenshot



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You are welcome Paul..


I hope that works for you.. It's not exactly what you asked for but it is about the closest I can come to a solution/work around... given the limitations of the built in Browser.


One other thing as an aside.. (and it just goes to show how simple features of Logic can exist and you don't know about them even if you have used Logic for years!)


It was only a few months ago that i realized I could use the "View: Show All" drop down box to select /filter by and display files from individual loop libraries that I have installed in the past... rather than see that all listed together! Makes finding certain loops from certain libraries, (when i cannot recall the actual names) so much easier to do.

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