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Key commands for the quantize options in the score editor?


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If you want to set the Score 'Display" quantise, you are out of luck.


If you want to actually quantise the MIDI note events however, there are some Key Commands that work in the Arrange and "various editors":

Quantize selected events

Set Quantize to Next/Previous value (not defined by default)



The behaviour is a touch tricky:


In the Arrange, the Q that will be applied is the one set in the Region parameters. Since enabling the Q Region parameter quantises what is inside the region anyway, this would only make sense if some events had been 'de-quantised' or added retrospectively etc. The KC's work as expected.


In the Piano Roll and the Event list, there is a drop down menu to select a Q value, which would then be applied to the selected events. The KC's work as expected here, and you can see what you are doing.


In the Score editor, there is no drop down Q menu, one has to "guess" the current Q value, or use the Quantise tool. Once an appropriate Q value has been selected, the KC's again work as expected.







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