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Need some ideas on how to organize screensets


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Hi all, I have this desire to have a general arr viewing workflow like this:


Screenset 1 : DRUMS

Screenset 2 : STRINGS

Screenset 3 : All other instruments

Screenset 4 : Vocals

Screenset 5: ALL


Now, 1-4 is easy to solve, just put the different instrument groups in folders and save screenset when in the right folder, But how do I solve nr 5? I would need to unpack and then repack when going back etc, not a viable option.


Been thinking all day about this and have no good ideas, just wondering if any of you brilliant thinkers could chime in..?


It doesnt have to be solved by screensets, any way including macros is fine, as long as my different views 1-5 are clearly differentiated from each other.




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i don't think is possible, the best you can do is to color region depending of wich group you want to assign to them, put all tracks of the same group near to each other, and then play with the vertical zoom to see only the desired region you want to see, full zoom out you'll see all, zoom is saved on screenset so when you recall a screenset you have only to move the vertical bar to the desired zone.

i don't think that messing with folders (for that purpouse) is a good idea and also you're going to lose the "see all" option.

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