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Exporting or Bouncing Multi-timbral Stems


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Hi, all! I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to export or bounce stems from a multi-timbral instrument like Omnisphere in Logic Pro 9.1.8. I have a streamlined project made to run tests: one instrument track with Omnisphere and 7 other discreet auxes through which I'm triggering each of the 8 patches within Omnisphere. All is good. But is there a way to export all at once a stem or audio file of each patch for a mix in Pro Tools? I'm trying to avoid the idea of soloing each patch and bouncing or exporting. Thanks!
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There are a few ways I can think of how to do it.


First way, to bounce them as a stereo stem, is to send each of the auxes to a bus and solo the bus while you bounce.


For individual tracks, you could send each of the auxes to individual buses and solo each one as you bounce.


A third way would be to instead of the solo/bounce method would be to still send each aux to an individual bus and select those as inputs on audio tracks and record the input.


Hope that helps,

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Do the following to export multi timbral as stems 


choose File > Export > All Track as Audio File

Select ~One file per channel strip~ from Multi-output software instruments


There you were done....Each track of multi timbral exported as stems...


Hope this helps!!!

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