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Gotta buy Logic again

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i'm laughing... so hard.







Dude's broke. He's given EVERYTHING to his music and is only just now finally catching a bit of a break but he's had to move back in with his parents because he can't even pay rent anymore. Sorry for trying to help a talented musician out when he's in the dumps.... crimmeny... Not like *I* bought it before and am BUYING it again....

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Well I figure main stage 2, and the rest are worthwhile but if I can snag just Logic cheaper elsewhere im game at this point. I Know it's 200 from app store, which means its tied to my account, but that's a metric down of downloading too 0.o I use a lot of samples and chopchopchop :D


Will keep lookout on eBay/zon. Lookin to keep it at 150 or less.

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