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Ultrabeat and Pitch Automation

Shane Collins

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So ive got some beats in the arrangement, and for a nice pitch rise effect over an 8 bar period i rise the pitch of the beat. Now the only thing is i have to create a node for each pitch raise, and i usually go up a whole note each time.



Is there a way to create pitch automation like this so it gradually rises over time instead of needed to create a node for each pitch rise? Where i would create one start point with one node and one end point, much like the normal way of automation


Im using a beat in ultrabeat > Voice 1 > Osc 2 > Pitch

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Have you considered using an undirect approach, such as automating one of the Ultrabeat MIDI Controllers (A-D)?


Using Ultrabeat MIDI Controllers A-D


The MIDI Controller Assignments area at the upper edge of the Ultrabeat window enables you to assign any MIDI controller shown in the menus to each of the four controller slots: Ctrl A, B, C, or D.



These assignments enable external MIDI controller hardware—such as sliders, knobs, aftertouch, or the modulation wheel of your MIDI keyboard—to control via modulation sources in Ultrabeat.


To assign a controller

Open the desired control menu (Ctrl A–D), and choose the controller name or number that you want to use from the list.


To learn a controller assignment via MIDI

Open the desired control menu, and choose the -Learn- menu item.


Move the desired controller on your MIDI keyboard or controller.


Note: If no suitable MIDI message is received within 20 seconds, the selected control reverts to the previous value/assignment.

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