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Click tools not displaying properly and/or getting stuck


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I'm having this problem where the click tools are not displaying the proper icon for the function I'm choosing.

For example when I bring the mouse to the top right of a region I don't get the loop tool, just the pointer tool even though looping works. Sometimes I'll get the proper tool and then it gets stuck with that tool no matter what I do.

For example the Resize tool is stuck, even when I move the mouse around the Inspector. Any Idea how to fix this? It's totally distracting!


My Setup:

MBPro Retina, 16g RAM

OSX 10.8.2

Logic Pro 9.1.8


The problem happens in both 32 & 64 bit mode, and while using the Apple Bluetooth mouse, BT trackpad, and built in track pad.

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That is a common issue that arose with the release of Mountain Lion. It has to do with active desktops running in "Spaces". Go to the logic Icon in the dock, right click it, go to "Options" and select "none" under the "Assign To" section. That'll fix the bug. :D
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