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Score - Transposing Instruments


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I have been working on a transcription exercise of an orchestral score and I have hit a frustrating situation with writing a B flat clarinet in the key of D. I can't change just the clarinet to D major, if I drag a key signature on the score it creates a global change.


Does logic support key signatures per score region? You can set staff styles per region so I am not sure why key signature can't be done. At least I can't find a way of doing it. Any ideas?

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Right on all counts. However, you might want to be aware of the following...


First, Logic will, by default, automatically assign a staff style to any MIDI part you record. If the part is played predominantly from (say) C3 to C5, the Treble staff style will be applied. If you play in a part in the piccolo register, the Treble +8 staff style will be applied. Play a part predominantly in the bass range and the Bass style will be applied. You get the idea...


So let's say you have two parts that were played in the C3 to C5 range: flute and Bb trumpet. Now you want to create a score. By default, the display of both parts is being shaped by the Treble staff style: one staff, treble clef, no transposition. Were you to now alter the Treble staff style on the trumpet part by setting the style's Transpose parameter to +2, both the trumpet AND flute parts will appear transposed in the score editor. Reason: both started with the Treble staff style. Alterations to the Treble style's parameters affect all parts to which it's assigned.


The way around this is easy: leave the Treble style alone. Open the trumpet part in the score editor and apply the Trumpet Bb style to it. This style is independent of the Treble style, and is preset to transpose parts up a whole step in the score (and only in the score).


Change of scenario: you play in a Bb clarinet part and a flute part. You want only the clarinet part to appear transposed. Solution: apply the Bb Trumpet staff style to it. And if it bugs you that the staff style isn't named Bb Clarinet, change its name. Or, alternatively, create a duplicate of the Bb Trumpet style, re-name it "Bb Clarinet", and apply it to the clarinet part.



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