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Loc Pro 9 amp models duplication issue - I need help


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I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.8

Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Saffire 6 USB


When plugging my tele or bass into my audio interface via my focusrite pres, I usually use the amp models. When i use them to record or something, I can't get through an entire take withoutLogic automatically duplicating the sound of a particular section in a song. I never know when it will happen, but it is extremely annoying.


It basically sounds like a delay pedal for a split second and then goes back to normal. So for instance, if I strummed a chord once, it would duplicate that chord, but just that chord. It's impossible to record because it keeps ruining tracks this way.


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Or has anyone else seen this problem before?


I'm using a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB audio interface, running it on Mountain Lion 10.8, through Logic Pro 9. It has to be one of those issues because I have this same problem in Garage Band.




A. W.

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