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Vengeance sample folder install

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Hi, what do you want to do with the samples?


There are two ways of using audio files in logic as with any sequencer. You can either use them as audio files (literally drag them onto your arrange and logic will create an audio track)


Or you can use them in the sampler (EXS24) so you can benefit from the envelopes etc, there is a couple of ways you can do this, the older way is to open the edit section of your EXS24 and simply drag them into there from any folder (use LPH search for more details on this as its not very difficult but building sampler instruments is thread of its own if you go a bit deeper like setting up velocity layers, sample loop points and saving it all as an instrument that can be opened in all your projects etc).


Or you can drag them into the arrange as mentioned, highlight them and then right click and select create new sampler track and choose "regions" in the box that appears.

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Hi Rhys,


Thanks for replying & thanks for your advice :)


I used to have a sample pack called HD1 drums which contained kicks/snares/hi hats etc, they were all listed in my media/loops section along with all the other standard loops you are given with logic, i got that pack from my m8 & he installed it somewhere which i can no longer recall.

Any way, i now wish to create my own selection of kicks/snares etc and thus got the vengeance pack assuming it would be full of single kicks, snares etc......but this pack is full of kits!

so to be honest i do not really want to keep this pack anymore!

i am guessing that really i should not be storing me new selection in media/loops anyway.....any advice on where i should store the new samples ??(when hopefully i get the right ones!).....should i just store them on HD & go through media/browser every time i want to create some beats?


ur advice on using the EXS24 seems to be the way to go from other articles that i have read, however, i am not sure i am capable of doing that yet as i have only used ultrabeat so far.


i hope i have made sense!


respekt. ;)

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Those sounds may have been in apple loop format, the vengeance packs are .wav, just click the browser tab instead of loops under "media", you will be able to browse all files without messing about with finder windows etc you can also drag them from there or pre listen before you drag across.
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