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Cannot find my External Midi instruments


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So I have a MicroKorg XL and I've been dying to access it's instruments through Logic 9. I've set up a new midi instrument with the correct port in the Environment, found all of the channels in the Library, but I don't know where I'm supposed to find the instruments once I set up a new external midi track.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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Hmm, I guess my first question would be: Why? :?

You have a perfectly good editor librarian made by Korg that can do infinitely more than Logic can, as well as update itself with any changes you make to voices names, switching the locations of voices, loading new voices / programs, etc...


That said, you would either need to find or create an environment in order to change voices / programs from within Logic. I see one here for the MicroKorg but, not the XL. I do not know the difference and whether they are compatible or not. If the XL has either additional or different voices and / or banks. It would not work for you...


Also, I am personally wary of using environments created by others. I want to know everything that is in my environment and why it's there. So, in the past I have created them to facilitate voice changes with my Motifs. However, after loading new voices, etc., I found it infinitely more productive to change them from my voice editor instead of the constant maintenance required.


Anyway, you would load it as a song; save it as a template; and, recall when starting any new projects...

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