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Extra measures -2,-1


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But.. be 'where-wee where-wee careful'.... As Elmer Fudd would have said.. when doing this...


Because Logic can and often does do very strange things when you move the Start point....


Not sure how you got there... Maybe you recorded and played a little early when you pressed record...or moved a region backwards by accident and then moved it back to it's original place?


It's general thought of as a big 'No No' to ever move the Start point before and also, it is generally accepted as 'extremely bad' to start a track earlier than (and not at as you have done so) because it can send Logic into very weird bouts of 'behavior' that no one has fully been able to explain, as far as I am aware at least.

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In fact, give it a sneaky drag all the way to bar 1.


If you find that you're not able to do that, post back.


If you are able to do that, it is strongly suggested that you start recording at bar 2, or bar 3, or any other bar other than bar 1; use bar 1, bar 1 and 2, or whatever, to act as a count-off into the actual first measure of your song. HOWEVER, do not do this by moving the song start to bar 2 or 3 or whatever. Instead, leave the song start at bar 1 and move your regions to start later.



• There are times when Logic will unexpectedly change the song start to something earlier than bar 1. This can happen if you try to record right on the downbeat of bar 1, starting with a count-in of a measure or two. Sure, it's totally reasonable to assume that you could record right at bar 1, beat 1 after the countoff. However, many times, Logic will shift the song start to be in the "negative bar area" (which includes bar zero) and when this happens, your project has a strong likelihood of becoming corrupted. Hence, use Logic's actual bar 1 (or bars 1 and 2) as count-off measures.


• Never deliberately change the song start to anything other than bar 1. It should be left alone. However, if Logic shifts it on you, your next step should be to correct the problem (per what I wrote above). Note that hitting UNDO will rarely correct the situation.

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