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Master track question


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I wanted to do a fade at the end of a tune yesterday, for a moment I couldn't remember how to do that, then remembered you can change the automation bar in the master track in the Mixer to Read (or one of the other options) and that will create that track in the arrangement window.


I did that, and it did create (or show?) that track in the Arrangement window and I can automate the volume in the track etc. But it also moved took away the meter from the Master track in the mixer window, and also moved it, it had been at the far right, it's now before the submit tracks, the tracks with reverb and delay returns etc.


I've included a screen shot here that shows the new placement of the Master track in the mixer, and the lack of the volume meter.


I usually use the standard templates that come with Logic when starting a tune, and I probably started this one with one of those. I'm just wondering how I meter the volume of the mix now, can i get that meter back? and how I could avoid this in the future?


Edit: the picture is larger than the frame here, but you seem to be able to scroll to the section I'm talking about. Weird.



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In general, leave the Master Track alone and keep it set at 0.0 db.


The track you need is a Stereo Out track, which will allow to automate the track and have metering and inserts. If you don't already have a Stereo Output track in the project, you can create one from the track menu under the Track Header.


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You're welcome!


If you need to, you can change the outputs of a Stereo Out channel strip in the Environment window's Inspector. (Select the Mixer layer first.) You can also have more than one set of Stereo outs, just Option-drag the channel strip object to create a duplicate and while it's selected, change it's output in the Inspector. Once you create a Stereo Out 3-4 in the Environment, that option becomes available in the Arrange's track menu. OTOH, an alternative to the Stereo Out channel are Auxes which can have their output assignment changed right from the Arrange and there are several options available there.


AFAIK, it's not possible to create new Stereo Outputs from the Arrange like you can with any other channel strip, which is why you have to do this from the Environment window.


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