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Drum replacement transients don't agree with sample editor's


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818239545_Screenshot2012-12-11at9_54_00PM.thumb.png.1e98bbe84a7ef3305acf5260997a153c.pngI wanted to double a snare track I recorded, so as usual I opened that track in the sample editor and manually edited all the transient markers. Next I pulled up the drum replacement/doubling window to generate my midi track and noticed that many of my transient markers that were visible in the sample editor weren't in the drum replacement window. If you look at bar 5 in my screenshot the transient on beat 2 isn't there in the drum replacement window. Is this normal behavior? I thought the transients in the sample editor should correspond to the ones generated in the drum replacement feature. Also I all ready generated a midi doubling for a different track and it is plagued with the same problem as there are missing midi notes where transients should be. Can you think of an easy way to just manually place a midi note accurately where that transient should be? Thanks guys
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