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using East West multi Outputs


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Im generally familiar with using multi-ouputs from a single soft-synth/sampler.


But.. I am having trouble.


I understand that by hitting the small plus buttons, a new aux is created with the next output on the synth. I can then switch midi channels on the second instrument (within the same vst), and I then have separate control of each instrument, both with their own output from the same vst.


But how does midi work in this situation?


I currently have a a midi region playing chords with trumpets. I would like to separate these into a trumpet, trombone and Alto parts, all with separate outputs but using the same instance of my vst.


How can I control what instrument each midi note is playing?


thanks for your help



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It partly depends on how you have the East West plug set up. Do you have a separate Arrange MIDI track for each instrument within the East West plug? If so, then what I'd do is to Option-drag the trumpet part to both the trombone and Alto tracks. Then simply delete all the notes that are not needed from each region.


You could also try MIDI / Separate midi events / By note pitch. But this might give you unpredictable results, like for instance, creating many more regions than just three. It's also possible to edit the midi channel of each note in the Edit window but this would be painful, in terms of easily recognizing which notes go with which chord. However, if you select each chord in the piano roll, you'll see that selection in the Edit window. But - still very picky. I'd go with the method in the first paragraph!


PS - in Logic, we don't have VSTs, they are AUs (unless you are using a wrapper).


PPS - could you please add your studio set-up to your signature? It helps us help you better. See Forum rules - please READ THIS before posting, item #5.

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