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Izotope 'Iris' to Logic Pro 9


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Welcome to Logic Pro Help, LannyDouglas.


Please provide more information about your issue as stated in forum rule #6:


6) Give detailed information on your issue

Members attempting to help you cannot see your screen, and don't know how your studio is set-up. Give as much information as possible, including:

• How your devices are connected (keyboards, mixers, MIDI and Audio connections, speaker monitors, headphones, etc...)

• What you are attempting to do (the general musical goal)

• What steps you've taken so far to reach that goal (the tools/techniques you've tried to use)

• At which step(s) you're encountering the problem

• What the problem is exactly


Also, please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)


Thank you.



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I'm using Logic Pro9 on a MacBookAir OSX 10.7.5


Please add this info to your signature...here


An what would logic do with this patch file?



In order to easily share and spread patches between machines or users, click the Export button in order to save your

currently loaded patch into a specified directory.

As mentioned above, the exported .iris patches will be saved with their pertinent audio samples inside of the .iris patch file

for easy loading on to other machines.


Once the patch is exported, you can open it with Iris, not Logic.



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