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Controller Assignments BUG. HELP! [SOLVED]


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Hia Pro Helpers, i'm having a nightmare with mid controller assignments!


I've been trying to make my own set of controls in the Midi Controller Assignments Page so i can switch between different functions for the same interface but this has been driving me insane. When i try saving assignments in a particular mode group they are always saved in the wrong place so don't work properly. If they still worked in the same way it would be workable but when i switch to previously created mode if find multiple assignments made to the same rotary encoder. So i find my self modulating parameters by mistake by using the groups i've created to keep things tidy.


Here you can see my Zone "Chocolate Box", the name of my Midi Controller, and the group is set to the instrument EXS24. The first set of assignments worked fine but when i went on to create a second set things started to get funky. Ive Pressed Cmd+L to enable the learn function on the LFO 1 Rate and so far so good....




But as soon as press Cmd+L to finnish the learn process my assignment is moved into one of the Makie Control Zones/Modes. Which as far as i can tell has nothing to do with the EXS24's LFO Rate. Bahh....




Am i doing something wrong???? What ever i do it seems to do the something only the odd parameter seems to want to go in any group. Really limiting the use i can get out of this lovely Midi box i've made. :(

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I cant remember exactly what the issue was caused by now but i've got it all sorted and working a dream. It's actually a controller i built my self - i think it was something to do with assignments thinking they were for some kinda mackie device. Saying that i havn't had both controllers running at the same time for a while so lets see.. fingers crossed it doen't crop up again. Will keep you posted though..
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