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logic 9 some au instruments suddenly pitches up


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Since a few weeks,when using soft instruments in logic,sometimes(seems like out of the blue)some of the instruments pitch rises up for more or less a semitone!! (mostly one or two instruments pitch up,the rest is ok)...sounds like the different in pitch between 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz

when i close and reload the song,the pitch is reset....there is no pitch automation or what so ever happening...

I did already try to switch between 44.1 and 48khz,but with the same result.

I recently(a few weeks ago) installed the Vienna ensemble Pro 5 and the same thing happens when the instrument is played from my Macbook pro...maybe there's a link?

The pitch problem occurs not only when connected to vienna ensemble.



this is a very strange case i never experienced before,i've been working with logic for almost 15 years.





MacPro 8 core 3Ghz,14G ram,Osx 10.6.8,Rme fireface 400, Logic 9.1.8....Macbook Pro 15"2,6 i7,16G ram

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thx for the reply,

I have a 2 midi keyboards connected to a Motu midi express 128.

I've disconnected the motu when the problem occurred,but no,result...

Its not that all my intstruments start pitching at the same time,just one(randomly)...can be anything,from Kontakt to Logic synths....drives me crazy!

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