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Brighter tonality with a warmer-toned mic

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I'm as green as can be in this world, learning what I can.


I've been recording vocals with a superlux PRZ C-1, which I understand to basically be a cheaper SM58. I know they are both warmer toned mics more suitable for stage than studio, but I am hoping I could get some advice on how to brighten them up with better software technique. I've been playing with the EQ to achieve this (getting rid of bass and raising the upper-mids), but this introduces noise that I'm not good enough to cancel out yet.


Is there any other way to achieve this that I am missing?


Excuse my lack of vocabulary, hope I am communicating the issue well!



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If you use any sort of plugin to boost highs (Exciter is another option), you'll also, no exceptions, boost the noise. To minimize noiseboosting, all you can do is keeping the boost narrowish and subtle, say max 2 dB. Another option is to engage the high cut filter on the CEQ (the rightmost band). Experiment with cutoff point and steepness.

I think you should get a condensor microphone, they're totally affordable these days (several decent models under $ 100, some even only $ 40, and they're really so much better to record voice and instruments with.

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