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Controllers for plugins


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Is there a way in Logic Pro to have the learned controllers for a plugin's parameters be dependent on the currently active window?


In other words, if i have ES2 open, i can use my Akai MPK 61 to control its parameters, but then when i open an ES1 instance, the same hardware controllers (knobs/sliders) can now control ES1's parameters? Then if open say open AutoFilter plugin, the same physical knobs/sliders on MPK 61 could control AutoFilter's parameters without re-learning?

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the short answer to your question is "no" - I suppose there are just too many plugin parameter variations to make this possible.


however - you can have custom Midi controller assignments that will work on individual plugins on whichever track is selected in the Arrange page. For example - if you have an EQ plugin that you prefer - you could create a template for it for your MPK61. This control template will then control the EQ plugin if it is present on the currently selected track.


its quite difficult to be more specific on this subject without getting really complicated - so I'd suggest reading the section in the Logic Pro Help guide:


Logic Pro 9: Control Surfaces Support


there is a lot of good advice in this guide on how to use midi controllers with Logic. Initial setup can be a bit laborious but it is worth the effort..

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