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Bass Audio Instruments?


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Hi there,


I have recently been thinking alot about bass and have decided I want to purchase a new soft synth which is guarenteed to produce high quality bass sounds and my question is this: - What is the best Bass producing soft syth on the market?


All the best,



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Let's take one step back. What kind of bass sounds do you want? I mean for hip hop and r& b sometimes nothing beats the sinewave in the empty exs 24. Second best is the sine bass in the ES2. Either the ES 1 or 2 has a great juno bass (good 90's era sound). They also have some good novation bass sounds in the exs 24. And the garage band bass instrument well it just about can't be beat.
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For electronic music the Vanguard is great and you got so many banks.

Many Europe producers hit the chart with just this thing.


Vanguard is fun, and beats purchasing a Virus. It's also just now finally a Univeral Binary. --Kent


I specially like the quality, wide sound and trancegate,....they could make the adsr buttons a bit bigger though,..;)


I kept my pc just for the z3ta, this is the most amazing sample based dance/trance softsynth i've ever heard.....i create audiofiles and drop them in my mac.

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......... The bass I'm after really is for tech/deep/minimal/house sort of stuff that i've been working on lately!


For nice, klonky square wave basses don't ignore either Logic's ES1 or the simple ESM monosynth. Two of my favourites. The ESM can do some great Roland SH101-type sounds.

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