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can not open NI massive in logic

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You can't open it - OK. What does that mean? You try, you select it, but nothing happens? Or you go to your instruments and it is not there? You are not trying to load it into an insert effect slot now are you? It should go in the I/O slot of a Software Instrument Track.

Have you checked Library/Audio/Plugins/Components to see if it is there?

Did it validate after you installed it and started Logic? Did you start Logic in 32 bits or 64 bits mode?

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yeah sorry for being so vague :)


Massive is not in my instruments list. I have placed the massive.vst in my HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST folder & the massive.component in the components folder. The main massive folder is in applications though....

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You don't place the plugins in any folder.. Massive has an installer that must be used .... The installer will place the plugins in exactly the right places... and then you must also activate it via NI's Service Center... Also, Logic only uses AU plugins so moving around VST versions wouldn't help anyhow..


Being honest here.. it sounds to me like you are trying to use a pirate copy.... and if that is the case, you are asking in the wrong place for help...


(...and if I'm wrong.. my apologies in which case just run the installer for massive and all should be well)

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if it installed correctly, there is an AU plugin in this folder: HD>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>Components.

make sure it's there...the massive in the Apps folder is ONLY the standalone.


check the AU manager in Logic, make sure it's listed (and validated) there.


massive is pretty great, but crashed regularly for me in logic, so...i deleted it. hopefully will run better for you...

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hi m8,


is that the massive.component file you are talking about?

if so it is in the components folder...and there is a massive.vst file in the VST folder.

i have 2 identical files for my sylenth & that is fine??


can i use it as a stand alone and transfer what i create to my project in logic?



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Don't be concerned about the VST file as that is not used by Logic...


Logic only uses AU (Component) plugins...


Once you have installed Massive make sure you then run NI's Service Center to both Activate Massive and update it to the latest version which you will need to do to make sure it runs correctly with Logic...


Did you do this?

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  • 9 years later...

Hello, everybody!!!

I'm reviving this post because I stumbled across the same issue. Massive was working fine as plugin until last week...

Now, i can only open it in standalone mode. This means it is installed correctly. Component, VST 2, VST 3 all in place. NI Access updated it to version 1.5.9, which i think is the last compatible with Logic Pro 9 that I'm using. Do you think that updating might be the problem?

Any help is appreciated!!!

Thank you,



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