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Tempo change with constant midi song speed


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Timestretch every single MIDI region and tempofollowing audio region to half its' length after changing the tempo to 60; that's the only way.


You first need to select all regions and SMPTE-lock them. Then, after setting the tempo to 60 bpm, unlock them again; then you'd have to time-shrink (= stretch negatively) every MIDI region, Apple Loop and tempo-following audio region one by one exactly to half its original length. Audio that doesn't follow tempo will not change anyway, so you can leave that.

To stretch, hover the mouse over the right edge (bottom half) of a region so the 'hook' appears, now grab it, press Alt and drag it to the left. Use the length given in the help tag to determine what length you need to go to.


Disclaimer: I haven't fully tested it out, so do a Save as... before you start doing any of the above. That way you'll preserve the original project.

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