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Newbie Alert...Multi Instrument setups...


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I use Mainstage primarily as a home practice/jam/improv environment and make experimental surf-noise-lounge-jazz that rarely leaves my man cave. I currently have my electric guitar and lap steel plugged into channels 1 & 2 of my audio interface and will likely add a keyboard/midi device soon. (My hardware is a i7 quad core mac mini with 16GB RAM and Focusrite i2i)


Is the best route for using multiple instruments (both real and virtual) to include all in one patch using channel strips for each or would it make more sense to have a set with a patch setup for each instrument?


It is likely that this question will reveal that I haven't read the whole f'in manual, but I've read a lot of it and have run into a couple roadblocks (More questions to come!). For now I'm getting really inspiring sound and am having a blast doing it.


Thanks, Dave

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Yes you can set inputs for ALL of your instruments as a large Song/Patch/Set.

If you have room on your soundcard (read:inputs) MS can take them all and process them all.



If you know you are only using your lap steel on a particular song, you don't need all of the other channels open and available, so make seperate "SET"s with whatever inputs you think you may need!


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