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Previous tracks are recorded on new track with new audio


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I am trying to make a simple recording of my Commodore 64 (3 separate tracks) and to use Reason's ReDrum as a drum machine. I have successfully slaved ReDrum to Logic with no issues (tracks show up where they should and sound great). My issue is what happens when I try to record the Commodore 64. When I record the Commodore 64 it also records the previous tracks on the new track, causing a lower-quality overall sound.


Initially I thought it had something to do with the internal microphone, but I turned that down in system preferences and I still got the same results. I even tried playing with headphones to fully eliminate the possibility of the microphone picking up the signal from the speakers, but the problem is still happening.


Earlier I was experiencing a feedback issue with my current setup, and I resolved this by disabling the software monitoring in Logic's preferences.


My output device and input device are set to the Tapco Link USB audio interface.


Below are my system specifications:

Computer: MacBook Pro

Logic version: 9.1.7

Operating System: OS X10.8.2

CPU: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

RAM: 4 GB 16000 MHz DDR3,

Hard Drive: stock hard drive (500GB)

Audio interface: Tapco Link USB (24-bit USB interface)

Mixer: Mackie 12 channel mixer

Reason Version: 5.0 (slaved to Logic via ReWire)


My Setup: I use Reason as a drum machine, where each drum in Reason's ReDrum is recorded on a separate track in logic, so I can easily adjust the volume, add effects, and do individual EQ to each drum instead of only having control over the entire beat.


Input Connections: Commodore 64 (used as a synth) ==> Tapco Link USB


Output Connections: MacBook Pro ==> Tapco Link USB (via USB cable) ==> Tapco Link USB Headphone Jack ==> Mixer channel ==> Mixer's Headphone Jack ==> Audio Receiver ==> Speakers


I hope I gave you enough information, and thank you in advance for any help you can offer.



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