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Advice re: MIDI controller mapping


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Hi all,


I had completely forgotten I had registered an account here but am very glad to rediscover it. I hope there are some logic wizards here who can help me with my current problem.


I have recently bought a Novation SL Zero Mk2 to use as a controller with Logic and various other software.


I have Logic pro 8 and I am aware that it is impossible to use automap to control Logic 8 other than the mixer basics.


My plan was to map the SL as a standard MIDI controller to control the plugins I would use most frequently for mixing - I have done this successfully with the EQ.


Is there any way to set up the MIDI controller assignments in Logic so they are only applied to the currently open plugin window? For example so I could set up CC #21-28 to control gain in the EQ, then also use them to control some of the compressor settings when that is open? I have tried to use the 'exclusive' function in the control editor but that didn't seem to do what I wanted.


I am quite bad at midi mapping and could really do with the help if anyone has the time!





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Aha! I just figured out on my own that I can use different modes within the same zone to use the same controllers on different plugins and set buttons to switch the mode. Unfortunately by doing this I seem to have broken MIDI learn altogether and have to set everything by hand...
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