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Ohmicide, Trash 2 or Saturn?

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I'm trying to decide on an overpriced multi-band distortion of choice.


Any opinions on Trash 2, Ohmicide, or Saturn? I'm mostly deciding between those last two, as Trash is a bit pricy- but if you've used it and feel it's worth the price, let me know. I do like it's custom waveshapes / included filters.












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i have ohmicide and really love it....still need to dig deeper into it...i have no experience of the other 2 but both seem to have fans over at kvr


demo all 3 and find which works for you...


i have to say that i tend to avoid izotope stuff for their pricing policies, but always worth looking out for 2nd hand

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I have used all of these plugins - quick summary of my thoughts on each:


Ohmicide: capable of very cool and unique sounds but frustratingly hard to control or adapt to suit a specific situation. Bit crazy for my tastes. Band filters aren't the best sounding but it can work miracles if you persist with it.


Saturn: I have to say I was disappointed with this plugin. I haven't used it extensively but find it a bit unsatisfying. Never quite hits the mark for me.


Trash 2 - just bought this one. Expensive but good. Very good phase-coherence between wet and dry signals so its great for adding a bit of grit to a clean signal. Its multiband stuff is also very useable - much better than Saturn - I often use it for adding high frequency interest to lifeless sources or injecting some attitude into synths etc. High price tag but worth considering.


other suggestions: Nomad Factory Magnetic is a great tape-sim and saturator - perfect for more gentle treatment..even the venerable old CamelPhat can do some interesting things. Logic's own Overdrive is great too...as is the Soundtoys Decapitator.


Distortion is a very personal taste so YMMV. :)

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Welp, considering how I'm stupid and didn't realize vendors other than the manufacturer sold digital downloads of software, it took me a bit to realize that I could get Trash 2 for cheaper than $250, but eventually found good ol' Sweetwater was offering it for a decent price. Always love their customer service and prices. Anyways,




Through that together in 10 minutes with my Korg R3 and Trash 2- please excuse the piss poor samples and piss poor dynamics. If I spent a bit more time with sound design, I can certainly see Trash being a monster plug-in for anything bass oriented.


It's got everything all in one- a pre-EQ 'filter' that has many different band modes and filter types, eight distortion algorithms allowable at once (two per band) with many algorithms to choose from that can easily be reshaped, the Convolution engine with anything from animal noises to amp modeling to plain ol' "Creepy" and easy stereo width controls, another filter-EQ section, a really great multi-band gate+compressor that's very easy to visually see what's going on in addition to easily set up side-chaining, and even some vintage delays–


This plug-in really has it all. I can see it being used for many different sounds- not only genres like drum and bass, but you could get some fantastic rock guitar tones or electric bass sounds out of it, could saturate something akin to a House stab synth or a trancy lead with it a bit if you have the CPU power- I do not regret this purchase at all.

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