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EWI 4000s Expressions With Logic Plug-Ins


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I recently got an EWI 4000s breath controller, and I can't figure out how to activate the glide and velocity expressive features of the controller within logic. I'm talking about things exclusive to wind controllers that keyboards don't generally deal with, such as gradually putting more air through the controller, and having the corresponding MIDI-wave velocity increase in the logic plug-in (like ES2). Also, when I attempt to use the glide strip on the EWI, Logic ignores it and just changes notes without any portamento transition. Will this involve tweaking in the Environment, or just simple settings in each individual Plug-In? I know that I have all of this stuff activated on the controller itself, so I'm pretty sure the configurations need to be done in Logic, not within the EWI. I'm somewhat of a beginner at this stuff, so I don't really know if I'm asking the right questions or anything, but hopefully you get an idea of what the problem is!



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