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Comments? Criticism? Suggestions? What Genre is this?


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Hey guys,


If you got a moment, I'd like your opinion on my song - anything you can think of good and bad, whether it be about the musical side of things, or the production side.


There are a couple of things that bug me a little bit, but I'm wondering if that's just me being pedantic after listening to the track so many times, so would rather keep that to myself and see if someone else brings it up.


I'm also terrible at pigeonholing music so I'm not really sure what genre this would be classed as. For lack of a better choice, I decided to use 'Spy Music'. I'd prefer to use a broader genre in order to be able to market to the right audience once I've fixed up the track.


Here it is:




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The opening horn sound is, for me, too constant. I want it to swell or do something different. Likewise when you use the same sound for chordal stuff. It just starts to scratch my ears after a while. But when it cuts out, the next section is pretty cool....umm.... until that horn comes back.


It's like, if this was a synth, you might get away with such a straight-line sound but since you're using an acoustic type sound, my brain wants to hear it ACT like an acoustic sound. It starts wearing out after a short time.


I like the backgrounds a lot however!


The spy music designation kind of works as does the Lounge suggestion.


If this were my tune, I'd strip back a lot of the horn sound and really re-work it, maybe try different sounds for the same part, or try adding some dynamics and swells or filters to the horn part. Just a few suggestions.

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Hey daviecamwats


Your perception of the forwardness or otherwise of my thoughts is actually kind of irrelevant here... as the threads title suggests, "comments, criticism and suggestions" are what the OP is looking for, "good or bad" as well as some thoughts about the genre. All of that was what I responded to and besides saying what didn't work for me, I also said what did.


I make my recommendations knowing full well that other people might be thrilled at the very things that don't work for me - that's life. epsilon42 doesn't have to either like or agree with my opinions but he/she did ask for them.


But enough about me; what do you think about epsilon42's new tune?


Just asking like.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. For the record, those sorts of comments are exactly what I want to read when I make a post like this.


The thing that I didn't want to mention in my original post was that I felt there was a timing issue in the song at 1:21 - the middle eastern kind of sounding trumpet bit, I sometimes feel it doesn't gel time-wise with the other parts. Does anyone else think this or is it my ears playing tricks on me?


I'll post something up again when I get a chance to make some changes.

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