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Bank Select commands not working with my S90 [SOLVED]


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First my setup:

Logic pro 9.1.8

MacOS Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Connected to Yamaha S90 via USB cable


I am embedding the MSB and LSB bank select commands (control commands) in a track so it can automatically select the right bank and then with a Program change command select the right sound in that bank.

For some reason the Bank select commands do not seem to be taking effect. Every time I issue the program change command it sets the bank to GM bank which corresponds to MSB=0 and LSB=0.


On the S90, I tried using MSB=63 and LSB=0 which is suppose to select the PRE1 bank, but to no avail.


I also created a very simple logic file with only 1 track set to channel 1 in which I only have these 3 commands separated by enough time (I can see the S90 LED toggle for each command). The sequence of commands is


control MSB=63

control LSB=0

Program XX (where XX is the sound in the bank I want to select)


If I am in Voice mode on the S90 and select manually a bank, then the Program XX select the sound# but in the bank that I manually selected not in the one that corresponds to 63/0.


What am I doing wrong here? I have looked for the last couple days on several forums to no avail. I also posted on motifator.com but so far no help. I also created an environment in which I defined one of the other banks with the custom bank select commands, but same does not seem to do anything.


Would really appreciate some directions.


If there is a way to manually issue MIDI control and program commands via Logic, I could possibly debug better what is going.

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Thanks to all of your for your suggestions. Here are the results of my latest experiments:

1) Manual commands from inspector window.

I can see the program change command take effect, but again the bank select command is not doing anything to the S90. I see the S90 LED blink when the command is going in but does not do anything to the S90.

I also checked the settings of my S90 and verified that Bank Select is checked ON as well as Control change.

I can change the volume with the inspector volume knob and it does change the volume on the S90.

2) Yes the commands are correct.



PC sound number


I wonder if there is something wrong with my S90 now. Is there a FW update on the S90 may be? I will check on the internet


Any other suggestions?


Thank you,


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But after more reading found out that CC will not work to change banks in SEQ PLAY mode.

Hmmm, i have never heard that before and excuse me but, I doubt its accuracy. I do see in the manual (page 122), where it states:

General MIDI (GM) System On

(Sequence Play mode only)

When “General MIDI system on” is received, the S90 will

receive the MIDI messages which are compatible with

GM System Level 1, and consequently will not receive

NRPN and Bank Select messages.

However, the remedy for that is simply not to turn on the General MIDI system or to remove any such message from GM files...


Where are talking about am S90 and not the 'ES' or 'XS'. Is that correct?

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In fact: This Post by the master himself, indicates that you can in fact change voices within the Mix Mode of the S90 and as i scan your manual beginning @ pasge 76, I certainly see the Program messages MSB and LSB, indicated in the illustrations through the next few pages...


As such, my primitive method above of simply recording the button press into the track should work seemlessly...


EDITEDSee also, this article on other works flows. I used to own an original Motif series and the architecture of the S90 was based off of it. This used to be my workflow (the templates). I think that they only have a voice editor and not a Mix Mode editor. That would make life a lot easier for you...

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