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cannot get control bar to work [SOLVED]

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I basically uninstalled logic 9 and impulse 49 (automap4) and reinstalled, it all works ok but has it's bugs, I am trying to learn as much as possible, I have done a night school class here in London for basic introduction to logic. My background is I have been involved in House music scene since '88, mainly as a DJ which I still do, I first got into logic in 98, when I lived in SF running Tweekin Records, I never went to any classes and tried to teach myself (did not get far, but worked with some good engineer's). When I Moved back to London in 04, I hung up the headphones boxed up all most 6000 vinyl and started a family, only started again about 6 months ago after buying I3 for cheap just as a family computer, now got a Macbook 2009 model with traktor and s2 and logic 9 and now my impulse49. I feel I will be on here a lot looking for help, got a few books for christmas along with impulse. So I am sure I will need lots of help, already got a few tracks in process and will be going back to night school in April for an intermediate course. Thanks David for your help so far.


Have a great NY tonight and speak soon



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