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Audio Issue w/ Mountain Lion


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I just made the upgrade from SL to ML without thinking too much about it, and I'm having issues with the audio in general.


OSX does not allow adjustment of the master volume on the menu bar. It freezes for about 10 seconds (with the beach ball appearing) then the volume slider goes back to where it was before. This is when Logic isn't even open, and when Logic is open, attempting to adjust this volume gives an error saying "An Audio Device has been Removed", followed by a message that reads "Logic Pro: Selected Driver no found. (-10202)" with an option to Continue, and then all plug-ins get crossed out on the channel strips and nothing plays. At this point, when I go to core audio preferences, the Output Device drop down menu is blank, and the only option for Input Device is "None".


Logic behaves exactly the same from attempting to adjust the volume - but not the mic input levels - in "Maestro" (Duet software), and maestro freezes momentarily (interface blanks out) and the knob volume parameter goes back to where it was (just like OSX volume on the menu bar). I also cannot get any sound from my headphones. When I switch the output to headphones in maestro, it actually works for a second as I can hear static in the headphones, but it goes away immediately and the same thing happens as far as maestro freezing and the output switching back to the speakers.


When I close the project, I get the following message: "Logic Pro quit unexpectedly while using the REWire plug-in. Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report...." This message may be related to the first time I opened Logic in ML, when after 'calibrating' the plug-ins I was prompted with a message, the details of which I don't really remember, other than the fact that it was pertaining to an issue with one of the plug-ins. (I don't really use many 3rd part plug-ins so I am not too worried about that potential issue with ML)


If necessary, I am ready to downgrade back to SL with a time machine back up (and I would hope that the transition would go smoothly). Nevertheless, I thought I should share my issue and take a shot at solving it first.


Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes, that did it. I was about to reinstall the driver before I made this post, but because of these notices, next to where you click to download, I didn't...


-Intended for first time Duet FireWire installations on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion

-If Duet FireWire, August 2011 software was pre-installed before updating to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, it is not necessary to install this release.


This was not a "first time Duet FireWire installation" as I had installed it before, and technically it was still installed after the upgrade to ML.


August 2011 software was, in my case, pre-installed before updating...


But I guess that's how it goes... Thanks a lot for the extra push!

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