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Click with sidechain compression

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I want to have the fastest attack of the bass dip so the kick punches through clean and i use Logic's compressor for the sidechain effect with the track's kick as the trigger... I get this click on the bass channel if i set it to be how i want( with 0 attack and hard knee, low treshold)..... i get this punchy click as if the kick is bleeding through... i really want it clean does anyone know what compressor works good for this? i can workaround using other methods but i really wanted to have it pumping to the kick of the track... maybe the click is not big of a deal since it will probably get lost behind the kick but i just want to practice clean method on every track... in some projects the click is louder, i guess depends on the sample's waveform and the volume..


i know I can create fades to dip it manually or use amp envelope plugin...or just cut the audio out completely... well that takes a bit more time....


i want to have a clean method using compressor, but i cant to get Logic's compressor to work clean.... maybe thats not possible since there is some latency involved till the signal reaches the bass's compressor.... Also i have experienced Logic's compressor attack time really is not as fast as it says (0.01)... I used a 3rd party compressor with minimal attack at 0.1 ms and it worked faster than Logic's.... sadly it doesnt have sidechain option

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