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Logic not detecting Axiom Pro [SOLVED]


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Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, Logic does not detect my M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 MIDI Controller.


I went through all the steps I could find online, including:


-Uninstalling/reinstalling the "Hypercontrol for Logic" driver (http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.drivers&f=1218)

-Deleting the preferences file com.apple.logic.pro.cs from the Library

-Adding the device ("Axiom Pro") from within Logic>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup...

-Restarting the computer


Everything has been straightforward since I've had this keyboard. Just plug and play, and you could see the in/out notes playing in Logic on the MIDI section of the transport bar. But since I upgraded to ML, nothing. :(


I read something about "bypassing the gate keeper" when installing the driver... does any one know what that means?


Thanks a lot!

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Part of the problem may be that the current drivers have only been tested with Lion and Logic 9.1.6...


However, some people are claiming to have success with these drivers in ML so..


Uninstall the drivers...


Turn off Gatekeeper by going to System preferences/Security and Privacy/General and selecting "Anywhere" under the heading "Allow Applications downloaded from" after unlocking the page using the padlock at the bottom left.... if you have password protected your computer.


Now install the latest drivers..... and try again...


You may want to turn Gatekeeper back on after testing and making sure it is all working.. by selecting "Mac App Store and Identified Developers"


Good luck!

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Thank you for your response...


Still no luck. I actually already had "Anywhere" selected.


It seems like ML isn't even recognizing the keyboard, because now I'm trying to do the "firmware update" for my particular model (http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.drivers&f=1155), as opposed to the "hypercontrol" driver which installed fine but didn't fix it; and according to the instructions for this update, the keyboard must be plugged in.


However, it's not being detected because I get the following message when I run the updater: No Axiom Pro 61 keyboard found. Connect or turn on your Axiom Pro 61 to proceed with updating. And it's definitely turned on and properly connected, the same way it was connected before ML without issues.


Could it be because it's connected via USB, and ML more easily recognizes firewire? Maybe a USB to firewire adapter/converter would do it?

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Could it be because it's connected via USB, and ML more easily recognizes firewire? Maybe a USB to firewire adapter/converter would do it?


It might.... I doubt it however...... but it's worth a try along with maybe one/all of these tips...


Have you tried a different USB port? (Never plug or unplug any cable when the computer is on... I know you are supposed to be able to do this with certain types..but I personally would never recommend doing so)


Check the cables.... (try another one if possible because cables can and do mess up every so often especially when being plugged and unplugged....)


Unplug and restart Mac and the reconnect cables after OSX has completely finished loading...


Look in the Midi section of the Audio/Midi config app in Utilities and see if the Axiom shows up there.. If it does, try deleting it and re adding it...


Test the Axiom with the same USB cable.. on another computer (Mac or PC) just to check it's not an issue with the Axiom itself..

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I read an article on Sweetwater about compatibility. I'll post the link and you can take a peak. Seems as if some people its hit or miss as smith said. it's from mid November so I'm not too sure how accurate it is




I'll say again its a month plus old so I'm not sure

Best of Luck!

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Nigel, thanks a lot, I am going to try all those things right now...


Nick, thanks for the link. We'll see if I can't get the system to recognize the keyboard, despite there having been no official announcement from M-Audio regarding compatibility with ML.

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No problem. It's good to know just in case you were considering picking anything else up on the way. It would be nice if apple gave all these major companies a head's up just so they could start earlier with patches and work a bit more with compatibility issues. Things would really go a lot more smoothly for everyone. I will say they have a habit of just throwing their new OS's out there and expecting everyone to adapt. But you can't fix what you don't own, right? 8)

Good luck

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Apple do.. That is what the Developers program is all about... (In this regard at least!)




Some companies like Motu for example, actively participate throughout the testing and development of the OSs.. which is why their products/drivers are normally fully compatible from Day One of an OS release to the public..


...and some, like M-Audio... do not apparently do so...


I will say.. it's not a perfect system of course... and Apple have been known to make sudden changes right at the last minute, that can and do cause compatibility issues at times.. but for $99 a year... there is no reason why some of these companies, that always are 'late to the party', cannot get ahead of the game at least now and again!


"You pays your money... and you takes your choice"

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I'll also add to my last post... that of course,, for the most part, this is not the real/only cause of the issues that companies like M-Audio have with their drivers..


It's almost aways about cost, allocation of resources (or lack of), quality of their programmers (again, or lack of..), priorities and so on...


Heck.. there are some companies out there that wait until another company does all the 'donkey work' and then steal/modify/reverse engineer another company's drivers, for their own equipment.. ( *cough* CM.. *cough* E... *choke* ) and then people wonder why it takes them so long to produce a working driver for the latest OS release... and why their drivers are so buggy from the outset!

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I seeeee said the blind man as. . . well u know the rest. I was unaware they even had a program like that.


It's odd to me that I notice most of the small time indie developers software wise, Voxengo, Stillwell just to name a few are always pretty quick with their drivers. I assume because they DO have the know how of programming and possibly are in touch with Apple. Your right though I mean, M Audio probably makes $100 bucks off of one their upper end keyboard's so why not pony up the cheese. Bet it would save their forums and phone lines from getting clogged up around new OS release time 8)


Not to say some bigger companies don't do it, I think I'm more surprised MORE don't. Why not save themselves the hassle of customer complaints and possibly tarnishing one of their main brands. Back to M Audio, they supposedly have the new Axiom Air coming out but if there are no drivers by that time, I can say there may be a lack of sales, in the Mac user department anyway. Noone wants to buy hardware to have it not work every half year or so because of a cheap company. You just got me fired up a little bit sir lol



I own the 828 Hybrid myself and am THRILLED when I upgrade my system I'll have no problems with drivers. I see you run the ultralites. Heck of a piece of hardware! Just out of curiousness what kind of controller do you use? You have the A-90ex I see which is a tough piece of kit, so I'm wondering if you found a way to make that integrate with Logic nicely, seeing as that thing's been around for what a decade and change? Nothing like some analogue synth though. I've had trouble getting my Alesis Micron to play nicely with logic. Wondering how you went about that.


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