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Importing instruments and saving them in Kontakt 5

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Hey Guys. I'm not that experienced with Kontakt since i just got it. Now - i've got the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, and this it what i did:


1. I open up Kontakt (within Logic Pro) - click "add library" and pick the folder that contains the library. Works fine

2. To try out the sounds i chose the first sound available called "C VCS Quick Up Dn.nki". It gives me a message saying "Samples Missing"

3. I hit the "search database" button and Kontakt finds the needed samples and the instrument is seen imported into Kontakt as well.


How do i save this though? Right now im forced to search the database everytime i load the sound which is kinda annoying and pretty unhandy when re-opening a project. So how do i save it so i don't have to load the database every time?


Secondly i wanna know if i have to do this with all of the sounds? As you may or may not know, theres a ton of sounds in the library. If i have to do this with each sound individually it's fine, but i would like to know if theres a quicker way to do it. But most importantly i wanna know how to save the database!



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Well, apart from the fact (and i am going to be blunt here so please take it in the spirit it is intended!) I suspect you are not using a legal version of EWQL SOG because if you were, you would be using the Play interface and not Kontakt..... *cough* and the very old version you are using was compiled for a much earlier version of Kontakt.... and I don't believe you can currently purchase this old version anywhere.... which also means you are probably using the last cracked version of Kontakt, which doesn't have the new 'fix' for these kinds of issues, built into it... that came out in v5.0.3... then this becomes a little 'tricky' to fix.. but....


There are two ways around this...


First is to make sure that the HD where your samples are being stored, is being indexed by Spotlight.... (If they are being stored on a Fat (Windows) formatted drive then you can't do this...) as Kontakt, like Logic itself, uses Spotlight to track where all samples are stored...


If you are using a Mac formatted HD with the samples and they are not being found then try re-building your Spotlight indexes




To find missing samples in Kontakt you would then choose the 'search Spotlight" option instead of "search database"


If that doesn't work and you have to still use the search spotlight function... then you must save out the 'nki' instrument in Kontakt for each one... by loading in the instrument.. clicking on the files icon in Kontakt (top right hand side) and choose 'save as' and then you will see a box with the sample name in it.. click that and choose overwrite..



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