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Help with the e-book files installation


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First of all, and since this is my first post, hi to everybody! My name is Roberto Yunes, from Mendoza - Argentina. Recently I bought Logic Pro 9, and found David's excellent book in order to learn using Logic Pro as quick as possible. I got the e-book version from Amazon.com, and by going to the publisher's web site I got the whole set of 13 zip files that composes the DVD in the printed version.


Unfortunately, my lucky day stopped there: I was able of unzipping all the files, but the most important one, "Lessons", shows its contents when viewed in Windows OS, but no in my MacBook Pro (looks like is empty)! Please, does anybody has a cue about what's going on? Or at least could anybody give me an idea of the organization of the contents in the real DVD (I read several times the instructions about installing the files from the DVD in the book, but it was not of any help at all). Thanks for your time.




PS: of course I was checking intensively the entire site for any answer before posting, but I was unable of getting any help, so here we are :-)

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Hi guys, I'm back with new information: I was able of installing the downloaded lessons of the book "Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express". So, I will stop this topic here. However, and just in case any of you got the eBook version or is thinking about getting the eBook, I will explain the way I had everything working fine:


1. I bought the eBook from Amazon.com

2. The eBook was downloaded to my Mac Kindle reader.

3. In the last few pages there is an adress from where you can download the contents of the DVD of the printed edition.

4. Downloading the thirteen files was fine, almost 2 GB in less than a couple of hours.

5. Unzip your files and put all of the unzipped folders, with two exceptions (see below), in a folder named "Media".

6. There is one file of loops, that it is intended to be used with Logic Express. I don't use this version, but just in case you have the Express version, unzipped this file also, but in its own folder (do not put it in "Media" folder). Follow the eBook instructions for installing the loops.

7. Unzipped the "Lessons" folder by just double clicking the file in your Mac, without any further option. You got a folder named "Lessons" full of shortcuts, and nothing else.

8. If you followed me, you have now two or three folder, depending of what version of the soft you have (see point 6 above). Finally, create a new folder named "Logic 9 files", and put he folders "Media" and "Lessons" inside this one in any place you want.


And that's it! Everything is ready and you could use the book and the lessons without any problem (you have conserved the original folder, files and the many links from one file to another ones). I hope it results useful!


Best wishes,



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Roberto, sorry the process wasn't more straightforward (I haven't had any input on the electronic versions of my book). But really thank you for taking the time to detail the process in order to help others - as I'm sure it will!


Any questions you may have while reading the book, feel free to ask in our forum.


Enjoy! ;)

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