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Buggy Patch Library Display in v2.2?


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Hi all,


Just upgraded to Mountain Lion and Mainstage 2.2 a couple days ago. Everything's working fine, but I did notice what seems to be a bit of an annoying change, unless I'm mistaken. In 2.1.3, I stored my custom patches in their own folders under

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Logic/Mainstage Patches/My Patches 

(where my My Patches is the start of the custom folder structure.) I also stored my custom sets within that same /Logic directory under Mainstage Sets.


However, in 2.2, something seems to have changed. When I go to work with the Patch library in Mainstage itself, all of the factory folders show, but my custom My Patches folder and its subsequent folders don't. I got these to show up within the Mainstage patch browser by moving the 'My Patches' content into the global ~/Library folder rather than the Users/user/Library one. So:

~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Mainstage Patches/My Patches

. Now they show up as expected.


Did I miss something here? Did something change, or is there something I should do to "refresh" the Patch Library in Mainstage to show them in the Users Library instead?


Thanks for any and all help!


Steve K.

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