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Getting a New Hard Drive!

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Well, it's that time of the year- the unwelcome day your hard-drive decides it's no longer working for you and would, in fact, rather be dead.


I think we've all been in this situation, so perhaps you can lend a sympathetic ear to my situation. I've been recording and producing with Logic Pro on my Mac Book Pro for about 3 years now, it's taken some tumbles and blunders but none as bad as this: my hard-drive is no more and I'm forced to start from Square One (Yes, I have an external but No, I was foolish in my irregular back-ups.) My question for the forum is this:


If I plan to run Logic Pro on a Mac Book Pro, what make and model of Hard Drive should I consider purchasing (I'll probably be upgrading the OS too)? I was knocking a few back at the Genius Bar and one of the Bartenders told me to look into a Solid State- as that would decrease the likelihood of frequent travel wearing on the drive. While in Best Buy, I was encouraged to buy an Intel Solid State Drive 520 Series but before I shell out a penny I thought it'd be wise to consult with the experts. What is your experience or opinion on the matter? Lend me your advice so that I may become more literate in these matters of cardinal significance.


If I left any vital bits out, be sure to inform me.

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