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Organizing all my drums..


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I have all my drum kits on my computer (not much) and I have them organized in a way where I have a folder with the name of the kit, and inside that folder, are folders named "Snares", "Kicks", "HiHats", etc. I want them to stay this way, i dont want to mix all my sources up.


Tbh i dont have a specific question but i need some guidance on how to organize this "mess". I used to work with my MPC where i would just scroll through my folders of different kicks, choose one out, put it on a pad, and repeat that process for all my other drum sounds i needed. I guess thats what im looking for now, but is it more efficient to use EXS-24 or UltraBeat for this? And I guess given the way i want to work, id be making a new instrument for each track, correct? Or am I misguided?


Thanks for any guidance

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Ultrabeat has a setting in the library called "Drag & Drop Samples"

Its in the "Drum Kits" folder.

You can just go thru your folders of source and drop samples right into the left side of UB.

That way it will pretty much work like your MPC, but look a little different.


Hope that helps :)

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